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The Book

Image of the Book cover for "How to Get a Grip, Coping Strategies for Complicated Times."

These have been unprecedented times in the lives of most people on this planet.  We are all learning how to live with high levels of uncertainty that can seem never ending.  The stress that arises out of that uncertainty can be overt and intense or it might be just sitting in the background, either way it is hard to escape.  No matter the cause, or the intensity, you deserve to have tools to help you reclaim your best life.  This book is a collection of the concepts that I learned over the years that have worked for many of my clients, as they struggled to cope with the random, and not so random, events that can befall any one of us.  There are lots of ideas and plenty of handouts to practice with, so take a dive in and see what works best for you.  When you are done I hope you feel better prepared and have the tools you need, to regain the control you deserve and to build the life you envisioned.

Kirkus Book Review: This is "a concise handbook about maximizing coping skills in situations that cause anxiety.  A set of thoughtful, manageable destressing techniques that’s presented in a refreshingly straightforward manner."


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